I Love Travel Nursing

"I Love Travel Nursing" highlights exciting destinations, things to do, and insider tips for savvy RN travelers



This travel nursing blog is sponsored by American Traveler Staffing Professionals and 50 States Staffing . Both travel nursing companies offer high paying travel nurse jobs and permanent nursing jobs to registered nurses and therapists in hospitals nationwide. 

Read some of our travel nursing agencies:

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi –

    I never even knew travel nursing was a profession! My girlfriend and I found your website when researching potential schools for her to pursue an advanced nursing degree and noticed you’re not listing a few schools we’ve been looking at!

    If you could look at the sites and then maybe add them to your nursing schools list, we’d feel a lot more comfortable about the quality of education they offer!


    Dan & Lisa

  2. The nursing positions expected to increase in demand should be the nursing job opportunities you are looking for.
    By deciding on what type of nurse you want to become, choosing the appropriate program will be easier.
    If a nurse has worked in several practice areas and still have not found
    their niche, nursing might not be their calling.

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