With the start of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, and the expanding vaccination of healthcare workers, the landscape for crisis response travel nursing is changing. There is a sense of relief on the part of many nurses, knowing that their risk is lowered, and the hope that the hospitalization trend will plateau and eventually drop.

But for now, there are still more cases than many hospitals can handle. We are still seeing travel nursing job postings well above normal levels in the following states: Texas, California, Florida, Washington, Virginia and North Carolina. Texas and California have by far the most openings. California, in particular, is offering excellent crisis pay, because the state needs help so urgently.

There are many states with crisis response needs, but there are also many potential travelers who are still interested in working through the winter in warmer locations like Florida and North Carolina. And with good reason. The pandemic has restricted many activities, even in these sunny locations, but you can still enjoy a relaxing and restorative amble by the seaside.