Search. Apply. Repeat.

When there’s a lot of competition for available assignments, you are going to have to consider more positions. This may mean applying for jobs in locations, settings, shifts, and even units than you are not used to. Keep your cool. Like so many things, getting a new assignment can be a numbers game.

Make sure you’re working with an agency with a good selection of available openings. In times like this, an agency with a national presence is a good choice. Network with other travelers, you may get the inside scoop on areas that are opening up, before everyone else gets there.

Get all your paperwork ready

While you are on the carousel of submissions, interviews and searches, take advantage of the moment to update as much of your documentation as possible. That way you can be ready to go at any time. Your agency will help you keep track of all those tests, licenses, affidavits and certifications that are intrinsic to travel nursing.

Don’t hide your achievements!

This is no time to be humble. Make sure to tell your agency about your special qualifications so they can sell you to the hiring manager!

Highlight your certifications, experience on multiple units, and familiarity with EMR technology. Share your willingness to float and join the team in whatever role you are needed. Great references can go a long way to getting you hired.

If you persevere and hang in there, rest assured the tide will turn. If you are eventually hoping for full time employment, bear in mind that travel nursing can be a good way to see you through a rough patch with shorter term work. While you may be a bit unsure heading into a new environment, in the long run, this experience will strengthen you as an RN, and make you even more sought-after in any job market.

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