Many RNs start travel nursing, thinking, “This is the one place I want to go.” But then they hear about another location, and they think, “Wait, this other place sounds even better.” It’s important to know your priority when it comes to a travel destination. Is it money? Weather? Challenging clinical settings? Lots of cool stuff to do? And perhaps just as important, does it have the right vibe for your personality?

Here’s a quick nursing quiz that might give you a little insight about the possibilities that are tailored to your personal wants and needs:

Nursing Quiz

Your Recruiter should be listening to what you say you want — and also reading between the lines. You say you want a tropical destination, but you’re traveling with family and it would be nice if there were plenty of fun, family activities available. Maybe South Carolina would be a great option, Northern Florida or the Texas coast. Tell your travel nursing agency what you’re looking for, and be open to the possibilities!