Busy folks can count on December slipping by in a blur. Before you know it, you’re out of shopping days. Here are a few quick gift ideas that won’t break the bank and travel well, especially for R.N.s in travel nursing.

    • Travel mugs: a nice travel mug stuffed with a few packets of Starbucks Via or hot cocoa is a welcome gift; especially for health professionals in colder states with an icy commute to work
    • Key chains: Every time they get in the car to explore their new travel nursing stomping ground, they’ll think of you. Pick a keychain that shows you listen when they talk—make it a keychain that reflects their interests.
    • Aromatherapy-to-go: Choose revitalizing smells, like peppermint and rosemary in an Essential Oil travel kit.
    • Caduceus charm: A no-brainer for anyone on a travel nursing job
    • Books: Here are a few titles that are nurse related and fun to read in a nice warm house with your feet up: Better: I Wasn’t Strong Like This When I Started Out: Stories from a Life in Medicine, Medicine is the Best Laughter
    • Tissue box cover, etc: This is the time of year when Kleenex sells like crazy; order a pretty tissue cozy and pair it with a few inexpensive accessories, like flavored lozenges and hand sanitizer.
    • Inspirational calendar: A slam-dunk for any healthcare professional who puts in desk time.
    • Nice bottle of olive oil: Travel nurses live close to farmers markets that can line you up with primo mix and match olive oils. Pick up a nice bottle of Extra Virgin and tie it off with a bow.
    • Cool stuff in a jar: This gift idea has quite a range and is fun to put together for kids aged 1 to 92. For soup mixes, visit Healthy Careers for White Hot Potato Soup and Lentils & Rice recipes. Non-food gifts in mason jars can be spa items in a jar, energy bars and gum or “Office in a Jar” with lots of must haves, like paperclips, small pens, note pads and mini staplers.
    • Energy Bars: At stores like Target, energy bars come by the case. Wrapping up Cliff Bars or Luna Bars is a great idea—added bonus: they’re portable!
    • A donation in someone’s name: Does your nursing friend have a favorite charity? Send a card saying you donated to their cause.
    • Throw blanket: A nice, plush offering for anyone during the winter months.
    • iPad holder: A really nice accessory for the tech savvy healthcare professional!
    • Travel journal: For R.N.s who have chosen the travel nurse lifestyle, this is a really cool idea—they can document everything they see and do on down-time.

Peace on Earth to Travel Nurses, Their Families, Patients and Friends

Just remember, it truly is the thought that counts! You shouldn’t have to make a dent in your travel nurse salary to show someone you’re thinking of them! Happy holidays one and all. May all your adventures in the New Year, travel nursing or no, be filled with happiness and joy!