It may be true that the best way to boost your energy is to get a good night’s sleep and take a brisk walk around the grounds, but what if that’s not an option at the moment? Plus, the holiday rush can make healthy habits even more difficult to stick to. We must confess, sometimes only a hot cup of java will do.

This time of year millions of us are craving the specialty holiday coffees at you-know-who-bucks. Just one of those little indulgences — every once in a while — that are become part of the season. And part of what makes them so special is that once the holidays are over, the beverages are, too. No more peppermint lattes until next November, so we feel we have to enjoy a little splurge now!

Tell us what your favorite bev is at holiday time. Here’s a couple of healthy seasonal smoothies to try as a snack or starter.