footballWatching a Cubs game a few days ago got us thinking. What makes some fans so loyal to their teams? Do you switch sports team allegiance when you’re on a travel nursing job – or are you die-hard, no-switching-ever loyal to your favorite teams?

Travel Therapist Nick is a noisy Ravens fan, but when he started his NYC travel nursing job near Manhattan, he took the opportunity to get excited about the Giants and watch as many games as he could.  His colleagues like to see that he’s committed to his new location; plus, Nick says it’s fun to get behind a local team, especially if they’re on a winning streak.

On the other hand, our friend Janet, who went to school in Washington DC, is a nutso hockey fan and won’t ever abandon her beloved Caps. Janet has taken several Florida travel nurse jobs, and when she travels during hockey season, she tries to connect with local hockey fans and get a good-natured rivalry going.  She even prides herself on being the only one wearing a Capitals jersey in an arena full of “enemies.” (Yes, she travels with hockey paraphernalia.) Whatever way you go, there’s no doubt that sports are a great way to connect with neighbors and co-workers, whether you play them yourself, or just watch them on tv.