Travel nursing jobs are some of the most rewarding in healthcare. The pay is higher than for most staff positions, plus  health insurance and private housing are included. But still there are misconceptions about travel nursing, and we’d like to clear some up some of the most common myths about the profession. For example:

FICTION: All travel nurses are young and single
FACT : The average travel nurse is a forty-something. Travel nurses come from all walks of life and every marital status. Travel nursing is ideal for professionals with at least a year of clinical experience. Experienced nurses often choose travel nursing after raising a family or having reached retirement requirements at a permanent position.

FICTION : Travel nurses can’t travel with family, friends or pets
FACT : The best travel agencies encourage companionship while traveling. They know that traveling with pets and loved ones increases overall satisfaction with the travel nursing experience.

FICTION: Travel nurses have to move every three months.
FACT: The skill set of the traveler and needs of the hospital are often a perfect match, resulting in an extended contract. In general, travel nurses average two consecutive assignments equal to 6 months at each location; many times they even stay longer at that location.

FICTION: Travel nurses leave friends & family behind.
FACTMany travel to places where they have relatives or old friends, not to mention making new friends along the way. Besides traveling with friends or family, many nurses choose destinations were they have connections and take the opportunity to get reacquainted. Plus, many travel nurses relish making new friends wherever they go.

FICTION: Travel nurses are treated like outsiders by permanent staff.
FACT: Travel nurses improve nurse/patient ratios and the quality of life for the permanent staff. Typically the permanent staff knows that travel nurses have been hired to improve patient care. They know that travelers have strong nursing skills and are extremely adaptable. Most travel nurses know how to diplomatically focus on their contributions and make themselves a valued part of the team.

It’s nice to deliver some good news! I am absolutely ecstatic about my nursing assignment in Hartford, CT. The building I am living in is the most luxurious place I have ever stayed. The staff actually gets my car warmed up and ready for me every morning!! The hospital is wonderful and the staff is great. I am equally happy with my previous position as well (where I got a corporate apartment). Just wanted to share with you.”
–Travel Nurse – L. Villanueva loves her assignment.
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