In an effort to keep experienced nurses in the workforce, more travel nursing agencies are catering to late-career RN’s — also known as “Baby Boomer” nurses. Travel nursing benefits like flexible schedules, education incentives, retirement plans and three day work weeks are particularly attractive to these valuable members of the profession.

With America’s nurse shortage becoming more critical, accommodating seasoned practitioners is vital. Fewer nurses are entering the profession than exiting, and travel nursing is an attractive choice both for Baby Boomer nurses who wish to continue working, and for healthcare providers in need of their expertise.

Travel nursing careers promote a healthy, stable alternative to leaving the profession,” says Clinical Coordination Manager, Deborah Bacurin R.N., who points to surveys published by the Urban Institute. These studies suggest that Baby Boomer travel nurses are willing and able to work through their 50s and 60s, as long as employers are willing to furnish health and retirement benefits and a platform for professional development.

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