There are so many reasons that nurses decide to take a travel nursing assignment. Here’s our top ten (fun) reasons to make the move to traveling.

10. Your dog loves new experiences, right? Imagine all the cool things there would be for a dog to sniff in a new place. Well, don’t imagine it. But rest assured that your pets are more than welcome when you’re travel nursing.

9.  Take a travel assignment in your old hometown. You can see family, but still stay in your own place. Ah. Independence!

8.  Check out one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Travel nurse jobs in Arizona will get you close to the Grand Canyon!

7. Find your soul mate. Yes, this happens on travel nurse jobs!

6.  No longer be part of the permanent staff; when you have control over your schedule, the stress levels get much more manageable.

5.  Become a “Snowbird” before you retire.  Florida , here we come!

4. Maybe you’re thinking about moving … travel nurse jobs are a great way to give a new location a test drive.

3.  Go on a northern adventure –  take a position in Washington state or Alaska

2. Learn to hula on a  travel nurse job in Hawaii – airfare and housing included!

1.  You’re ready to recharge and refresh your life and your career — and you’re looking to get paid well to do it.

Nurses become travelers for many reasons. Some are adventurous. They want to climb mountains in Alaska or the Pacific Northwest.  They may select the location for the great scenery and the weather, but when they get there they can’t believe how nice and friendly people are!

Love is also a main reason nurses get up and go on  travel  nursing jobs! Maybe they want to meet new people, or maybe they want to see family – just to visit, or even to support an ailing family member.  Many RNs also travel with a partner. It’s a wonderful way to spend time together, exploring the US.

Of course there are the nurses that want to get out of the cold weather.    Who doesn’t want to go escape the winter and travel to Hawaii, Florida or Arizona?

The great thing about travel nursing is that you can go and stay just about anywhere … it’s your choice; you’ve just got to get up and go.