Click-Worthy Healthcare Blogs and Nursing News Sources

There is certainly no shortage of nurse, physician and therapist blogs on the internet. For every five healthcare blogs, one publishes researched articles. And for every nurse and doctor blog that inspire dialogue on clinical matters and education, there are five more that cover the personal issues that healthcare workers deal with on a daily basis.

top healthcare blogsNo, we didn’t use fancy metrics in determining healthcare blog popularity here. We simply listed a few of our favorites that inform us on the nearly endless supply of industry information.

Our Recommended Healthcare Blogs

  1. Health News Review – This sites goal is to question, fact check and generally watchdog healthcare news reporting. A serious approach to some of the lighter healthcare news on the web.
  2. Becker’s Hospital Review – Lots of news here about economic, legal and political trends that affect hospitals and large-scale medical providers.
  3. Nursing News & Views – This nurse blog by American Traveler proves useful when searching for the latest in travel nurse trends, nursing news, nurse health and Nursing Pay by State. American Traveler, affiliated with ilovetravelnursing, staffs top hospitals across the US, so this site regularly posts articles on finding nursing jobs.
  4. Travel Nursing Blog – 50 States Staffing, also affiliated with ilovetravelnursing, publishes this healthcare blog focused on career news, nursing news insights, Nurse Talk, lifestyle trends and nurse jobs search. Find out more about the Top Nursing Schools to work as a Travel Nurse!
  5. Disruptive Women in Healthcare – A lively read that focuses on women’s issues in the healthcare industry, whether patients or providers.

In just five minutes, you’ll know more than you did before you logged on. Promise.