What better day to start thinking about a romantic travel destination than Valentine’s Day? This year, instead of just spending a weekend and hitting a few of the high points, consider a travel nursing job in one of these sizzling spots — and giving yourself enough time to really get to know your new location. According to Travel and Leisure magazine, these cities are among the most romantic in the U.S., and there are travel nursing and therapy jobs in and around all of them.

Honolulu – A perennial favorite of honeymooners, Hawaii’s lush scenery, tropical climate and relaxed culture make Honolulu travel nursing one of the most dreamed-about professions … and let’s face it, is there a more romantic notion than living and working in paradise?

San Francisco – Tony Bennett left his heart here, and so will you. Trendy, food-loving, surrounded by glorious seaside views, San Francisco is a city with heart — and soul. Plus, California therapy jobs and nursing jobs are among the highest-paying in the country, another incentive to give the “City by the Bay” a try.

New Orleans – Now cementing its status as the “comeback kid”, New Orleans is once again a bustling center of music, food and celebration. Picturesque and quirky … New Orleans nursing jobs are so unique, you won’t be able to decide if you’re in the heart of the heart of the South or if you’re in another country.

Miami – Maybe it’s the miles of beautiful beaches, the year-round sunshine or the exotic and fun-loving people of South Florida, but Miami has become a global destination for romance seekers of every kind. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure, fusion cuisine, or just a quiet bit of shade under a palm tree, Miami nursing jobs could be an idyllic choice for you.

Las Vegas – Vegas has a world-wide reputation for glitz, glam and 24-hour tourism, but believe it or not, it’s also a city with over half a million permanent residents, and RN jobs and PT jobs here are plentiful right now. Nevada travel nursing jobs mean you’re never far from exciting nightlife and some of the most dramatic landscapes in the West.

Boston – With boat races on the Charles River, historic walking tours, and Red Sox games, Boston will sweep you off your feet in the summer and — yes!– even in the winter. Boston nursing jobs mean there’s a cozy fireplace, mug of hot apple cider, and a picturesque view around every corner. There’s no shortage of fine dining in this sophisticated city, but there’s also a thriving street pizza culture — a great way to meet up with friends, old or new. As the song says, “When the moon hits your eye, like big pizza pie — that’s amore.”

We could go on and on about enchanting destinations like Santa Fe, San Diego, New York, Seattle and San Antonio. When you’re traveling with a special someone, hoping to meet a someone there, or just looking to experience the romance of the city itself, what’s your favorite?