Lots of RN’s choose travel nursing so that they can meet new people: new co-workers, new neighbors, sometimes even a new life partner! A recent review of nearly 150 studies on social ties confirms that these RNs have the right idea. A lively circle of close friends results in greater physical and mental health, say experts at Johns Hopkins University. Supportive relationships help keep memory sharp, reduce stress and boost immunity – all factors associated with aging.

And let’s not forget that not only does travel nursing allow you to meet new people (a great way to keep the ol’ gray matter active), it also allows you to reconnect with friends and family. Got a favorite cousin in the midwest who you rarely get to see? Don’t hesitate to ask your Recruiter if there’s a travel nursing job available nearby.

Sometimes traveling with a companion is the way to go. Many RN’s have gone on assignment with a spouse or a fellow travel nurse. Anyway you slice it, travel nursing can be a great way to keep your social calendar booked and your lifestyle rewarding!