In a word: absolutely.

Telemetry remains one of the most popular nursing specialties in the field. Because of its affiliation with medical-surgery nursing, telemetry falls into a category of specialties in which RNs work with a wide variety of patients with conditions such as pneumonia, serious infections, and post-operative patients recovering from a range of procedures. These nurses may monitor patients, assist in surgery, and administer medication. Recently-graduated nurses often begin their careers in medical surgery — as it offers a solid basis from which to move into other specialties.

As med/surg nurses progress in their careers and gain more experience, telemetry is often a next logical step. Sometimes associated with a Step Down or Progressive Care unit, telemetry is focused on monitoring and reporting patient conditions using highly specialized medical equipment, such as ECG/EKG systems.

Because telemetry is such an integral part of cardiac care, many telemetry nurses earn additional education and certifications through the American Heart Association and the AACN.

These systems are in place in virtually every healthcare system in the US, and – as might be imagined, skilled personnel are always required for their use and upkeep. Nurses who have an aptitude for technology and metrics are well suited for nursing informatics or telemetry. With the healthcare industry’s increasing reliance on technology and data-driven care, demand for individuals who are strong in these areas continues to grow.

At the present time, telemetry is one of the top three sought-after specialties, along with med-surg and critical care nursing. If you are an experienced telemetry nurse, looking for new experiences and variety in your career, traveling telemetry nursing jobs may be of interest.

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