Deb Bacurin Clinical CoordinatorFor seasoned RNs who are tired of the physical and emotional drain of bedside nursing and long hours at the hospital, becoming a Clinical Coordinator at a travel nursing company may be an ideal career move.

Clinical Coordinators still use their nursing skills and education — only now they’re in an office environment with a team of staffing professionals.

“I worked as a nurse on the floor for over 11 years then moved up to management where I was on call 24/7, 365 days a year. It got to the point where I was really drained by the physical and emotional demands of the job.”  — Deb Bacurin, RN

Deb Bacurin, RN said she took the job of Clinical Coordinator to improve her quality of life and spend more time with family and friends. She says her new job as a clinical staffing advisor brings her a lot of satisfaction. It was also a perfect opportunity to put an end to the stress and strain of floor nursing.

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(And just as an aside, it can’t hurt to keep your sense of humor even when you’re feeling burned-out … there are plenty of folks out there who know what you’re going through!)

Nurses Get Tired Too