interview tips Maybe you’ve already aced dozens of phone interviews for travel nursing jobs — or maybe you’re anxiously anticipating your first phone interview. Either way, an easy-to-follow infographic refresher course on the “do’s and don’ts” of telephone interviewing is a great idea.

You probably know the interviewing basics, like “Keep your cell phone on and make yourself available,” but did you know that standing up during an phone interview can help you sound more alert and energetic? Or that referring to a written list of your nursing interview questions can telegraph your planning skills  — and ensure that you get the vital information you need? After all, you can’t decide if the job is right for you without asking a few questions of your own.

And don’t forget what could possibly be the most important tip of all: “Tell the employer that you want the job!” Countless hospital employers have said that enthusiasm can be a determining factor when deciding which travel nurse gets the offer.

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