More registered nurse and travel therapy jobs are appearing on spring and summer job boards. These are the states and locations posting the most opportunities in nursing, physical therapy and occupational therapy jobs.

These States Are on the Lookout for Experienced Registered Nurses and Therapists 

Enjoy these brief descriptions and links to interviews, detailing the travel nurse life, in this baker’s dozen of U.S. states, known for having the most postings for R.N.s and therapists right now.

  • Alaska: Therapy and R.N. jobs in this state are sure to cool you down! Read a first person account of the travel nurse lifestyle nurse jobs nationwideduring a fun Alaska nursing job!
  • Arizona: Travel nursing and all its perks let you see the American Southwest in grand style. Read one nurse’s account of landing the perfect Arizona nursing job.
  • California: The Golden State is huge and full of opportunities for health professionals from the northern part of San Francisco to the southern region of San Diego and Los Angeles.
  • Colorado: Head for the mountains! Colorado is a beautiful state with a to-do list for thrill seekers a mile high!
  • Connecticut: Travel nurse jobs in a New England state mean easy access to New York City on your time off—here, R.N.s and therapists alike make the most of their flexible schedules.
  • Florida: It doesn’t have to be in season for healthcare professionals to flock to Florida nursing jobs. Read about R.N.s and the call of the conch shell!
  • Iowa: travel nurses and therapists are bound to enjoy the low cost of living in this beautiful state; watch the corn pop up in rows all summer long.
  • Washington D.C.: Be sure to click on this check out travel nurses kicking up their heels in the Capitol City on this Facebook link! Also, enjoy this first person account of moving seamlessly into a Washington D.C. travel nursing job.

Will You Add Your Travel Nurse Story to This Year’s Summer Album?

If you are a healthcare professional who likes to mix the excitement of travel with a talent for helping people, joining a travel team and applying for healthcare jobs in these much raved about U.S. states may be the way to go—. Wherever your travel nurse experiences take you this summer, we hope it’s a journey of excitement and health and wellness—get out there and soak up the sun, friends!