top running trails in the USATired of winter and being cooped up in the gym? Fortunately, there are plenty of scenic parks and running trails open to the public and serviceable, throughout the winter season. When the snow melts, travel nurses will want the 411 on gorgeous, scenic running trails; if you live in the South, you may already be enjoying some of them. This is the healthcare professional’s quick list of America’s best paths for joggers, 365 days a year.

Central Park, New York: The New York Marathon, planned for November 2, 2014 this year, started in Central Park. It’s easy to see why, as this urban respite offers both short and long jaunts for R.N.s on the run. Start small at the 86th street entrance, or get a more strenuous workout on the 6-mail outer loop—between the foliage, birds, picnics and bridges it’ll all go by far too fast!

Park Loop Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Georgia: Centrally located for Atlanta R.N.s, this is a great place to run! Piedmont Park features a 1.7 mile loop around sweeping meadows, rolling hillside and dense forests. Jog past Lake Clara Meer, and to the top of Active Oval, the park’s highest point—a good mile of incline to put your endurance to the test.

Hart Prairie Trail, Arizona: This trail lets travel nurses see what the southwest is all about, as they run past red rock temples, lush canyons, Aspen and pine trees that define God’s Country. See state-wide opportunities here: Arizona running trails, and know that from Sedona to the Grand Canyon, paradises like Bright Angel Trail and House Rock Valley will make you so glad you took this nursing assignment!

Withlacoochee State Trail, Florida: R.N.s in the Sunshine State may be getting the best run of all, as miles of sandy beaches provide ideal terrain for a fuller range of motion, from your ankles to hip flexors and arms! But for those looking for an asphalt trail, Withlacoochee is a 46-mile scenic route through ranches, sporting shops, and quaint towns, running from Orlando to Tampa.

Silver Strand, San Diego, California: When it comes to beautiful trails in Southern California, this one takes the cake, spanning a round trip route of 15 miles along San Diego Bay and Coronado’s vibrant beach community. Run past naval ships docked at the pier, and past the historic Coronado Hotel where Marilyn Monroe (herself a runner) filmed Some Like it Hot. Cool down at Silver Strand Beach when you finish your run!

Have a Good Run!

Before you run, be sure to hydrate well, wear your SPF (even in the winter!) and look into bringing a friend along. Check out Healthy Careers’ tips for joggers . For a peek at travel nursing careers that will keep you nice and warm, visit 50 States Staffing for top jobs.