Find One Near You….

The idea that a vast variety of produce is available on a vendor cart near you may seem unlikely as Fall gets under way—but the truth is, many farmers are just getting started. Nurses and therapists living and working in vibrant cities across the United States have access to any number of local farmers markets, where there’s more than just food; many times, there’s art and live entertainment to be had as well! To get an idea of where these outdoor venues are, and if they offer CSA (community supported agriculture programs), click the local harvest link and plug in your travel nursing zip picking

A membership to your community’s CSA is an investment in your local farmers’ crops—you get a share of the harvest in a box of what’s being grown that particular month. If you don’t have a membership, don’t worry about missing out. These fruits and veggies are more than likely at the farmers market this weekend! Some of these tasty veggies are featured in Healthy Careers recipes—so get shoppin’. Then get cookin’!

  • Apples: Some R.N.s work in travel nurse jobs that are ripe for the pickin’—when you’re taking apples that is! North Carolina nurses can visit SkyTop Orchard and pick their own fruit among the panoramic vista of the mountains. Of course, apples are at the height of ripeness all over the country this fall. Try making a Sweet Apple and Walnut Chicken Salad.
  • Concord Grapes: Make up a cheese plate and take your bounty of grapes on a picnic. These are so fresh right now!
  • Pomegranates: These exotic looking fruits nourished the Gods and Goddesses in Greek mythology. Load your canvas tote full of them at the farmers market.
  • Butternut Squash: If you roast these to softness and put them in a blender with some other choice ingredients, you can have the soup of a lifetime.
  • Brussels Sprouts: These cute little guys are overflowing at many of the farmers markets across the country. They’re rich in Vitamin K, so load your plate full!
  • Sweet Potato: Ever cut these up and make sweet potato fries?—they’re delicious. Try this Healthy Careers Recipe for Super Stuffed Sweet Potatoes while you’re at it!

Hope to See You There!

Farmers Markets are a way to really get out there and enjoy your community, the fresh air—even give your dog a walk if you have one. Pet loving travel nurses in South Florida nursing jobs will love the Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood, where mobile dog groomers set up shop as just one of many vendors. All over the country, local vendors are putting out the brightest and the best. Hope to see you there!