Here’s the Scoop on a Healthy Careers Recipe Contest!

stuffed poblanoRegistered nurses see their fair share of so-so hospital food, with many motivated to go home and cook with style and panache. There’s the travel bug—that R.N.s and therapists on travel nursing assignments catch in a big way—and then there’s the cooking bug, where health conscious “foodies” cook inspired food and enjoy it with family and friends.

Travel nurses enjoy new and exotic culinary scenes—from the vineyards of Napa Valley, to the coconut milk in Honolulu, to the red beans and rice in New Orleans. Whether they are inspired by the assignment or simply preparing something that reminds them of home, these healthcare professionals are known for smart substitutions, like brown rice instead of white, whole grains over refined, egg whites and more. Home cooks also learn that healthful eating can be about additions too, like lemon zest grated over your meal or drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

If you’re a traveling health professional who brought your kitchen gadgets along for the ride and feel you have something to contribute to the foodie scene, check out Healthy Careers today. The site is a lifestyle guide for those who love a fortifying meal and regular work-out. Check out the fitness and nutrition tips, as well as an ongoing Healthy Careers Recipe Contest, now in its 3rd Quarter.

Healthy Careers Top 10 Recipes

To get an idea of the entries that snag likes on Facebook and get re-tweeted, click on the most popular entries from Quarters 1 and 2:

Think you’d like to enter? Then read up on the rules, as well as fun prizes you could win. Who says an Iron Chef can’t be a nurse or therapist with nerves of steel? You’ll love the recipes you find at Healthy Careers; all the tasty breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts prove the distinction between eating and eating well! Bon appetit or good luck—either way, you’ll need a napkin!