In today’s tough economy and job market, finding job stability seems an impossible task. Labor specialists agree, however, that health care jobs are on the rise. With the baby boomer population aging and in need of medical care and physical rehabilitation, the demand for physical therapy services will only continue to grow. recently released an article declaring healthcare related fields to be one of the smartest areas of study for college students. Physical therapy currently boasts an unemployment rate below .5%. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2016, nursing employment should increase by 23%, and physical therapy employment should increase by 27% as the aging population causes a heightened demand for rehabilitation centers and therapy facilities.

In 2007, the Chicago Tribune listed physical therapy jobs second in its list of the top five careers for job satisfaction; so why is there still such a shortage of physical therapists? Many believe it’s because educational requirements and expenses have increased in the last decade. Just over ten years ago, a bachelor degree, plus appropriate licensing for physical therapy jobs, was enough to become a practicing physical therapist. Since then, two-year masters programs and three-year doctoral programs have sprung up and become the standard. Current legislation seeks to ease this strain by attempting to amend the Public Health Service Act to include loan repayment for physical therapists working with under served populations, in an effort to replenish the physical therapy profession.

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