Of particular interest in today’s tough employment market, U.S. News and World Report recently published its “Best Jobs” list for 2009. The magazine noted that healthcare jobs are expected to outpace jobs in most other fields. Fully 36% of the magazine’s top job selections are in healthcare. More good news for travel nurses and travel therapists: U.S. News selects rehabilitation therapists, registered nurses and surgical technologists as having a rosier employment future than those in many other fields.

“This really confirms what we’re seeing in the travel nurse employment market,” says Diane Vilela, Coordinator at healthcare employment agency, American Traveler. “Take a career like Physical Therapy. Sooner or later many of us will need rehabilitation therapy, whether it’s at home or in a hospital setting. The number of senior baby boomers is growing, and the demand for therapists, nurses and critical care staff is growing right along with it.”

blue-travelerWe know that no industry, not even healthcare, is immune to the economic downturn, but we also know that travelers can take unique advantage of shifting demands in staffing needs. In one area of the country there may be an overabundance of workers with a given specialty, while in another area, hospitals may be looking to pay top dollar for that very same specialty. That’s when travel jobs can offer a real advantage. They can allow you to travel to where the need is greatest and the compensation is best. If you’ve chosen travel nursing or travel therapy, you’ve chosen wisely, especially in this economy!