travel-nurse-career-growthNo doubt, these are tough economic times — and getting tougher! We’re all looking for ways to survive (and maybe even flourish) in today’s tight job market. If you’ve chosen a travel nursing career, there’s good news. Yahoo Education recently reported that travel nursing is one of their top picks for careers that pay over $70K per year, while also delivering a degree of flexibility that many would envy.

Along with college professors, interior designers, management analysts and software designers, travel nurses earn high pay and enjoy flexible schedules — and it’s worth noting that industry experts foresee growing demand for skilled travel nurses and travel therapists well into the next decade.

Here’s an excerpt of what Yahoo had to say:

Nurses can work long hours. But travel nurses work long hours with scheduled time off between assignments if they want. You can arrange for short-time postings to great locales, or long-term ones once you find a niche.

You’ll need an online two-year RN or bachelor’s degree in nursing to qualify. Jobs for registered nurses are expected to continue to boom, rising by 23 percent through 2016. The top 50 percent of working registered nurses earned between $73,170 and $87,310 in 2007. And travel nurses can receive pay for relocation and housing.

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