helping people movePhysical therapists work with a remarkable diversity of patients: children, adults, seniors, people who have been in automobile accidents, professional athletes and individuals who are recovering from strokes or heart attacks, just to name a few. Whatever their specialty, PT’s improve millions of people’s lives. This October is National Physical Therapy Month, part of a coordinated effort from the American Physical Therapy Association to educate the public about the work of physical therapists and physical therapist assistants. Because therapist jobs are in such high demand, traveling therapist jobs are also on the rise, and therapists are finding that they can do this important work almost anywhere they wish.

The theme of this year’s event is “It’s All About Movement”, a motto that recognizes the progress that physical therapists inspire in their clients– both literally and figuratively. National Physical Therapy Month spotlights the fact that Physical therapist jobs frequently have an initial goal of increasing range of motion and bringing clients to increased functionality in daily tasks like bathing and dressing. This honorary month also acknowledges the further goals of occupational therapist jobs: helping clients participate in recreational activities and returning to work. Just as importantly, most therapist jobs target moving clients past psychological and emotional obstacles as well – goals which can be an essential element of recovery.

If you work in the field, thanks for all the vital work you do … and if you —or someone in your family— has been helped by a physical therapist, think about taking a moment to show appreciation for their assistance, either this month or year-round.