Terry H. has certainly enjoyed a diverse working life. He’s been a Special Olympics coordinator, an engineer, and today he has a flourishing travel therapy career with American Traveler. Fifty-eight years young, this Oklahoma native travels between the Sooner State and Eau Claire, Wisconsin with his wife, Richell, who’s a traveling RN.

Terry decided on travel therapy when Richell suggested that travel jobs in healthcare would be a great way to see the country, now that their five boys have left the nest. Terry and Richell also wanted to continue their active lifestyle: biking, kayaking and fishing wherever and whenever possible.

Eight years and several certifications later, Terry now pursues PTA jobs six months out of the year in Oklahoma, near his family, and the other six months in Wisconsin, close to where Richell grew up – “at a small hospital where the people are as friendly as can be,” he said. “Practically every department in the hospital showed up for our going away party.” Terry and his wife were initially apprehensive about moving from their comfortable RV to the apartment provided by their travel nursing agency, but now they’re fans of the whole travel lifestyle.

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