p_news_apple1.jpgIt’s not always easy staying healthy on the road. Lucrative travel nurse pay combined with free housing sometimes encourages me all too much to go out and have fun late night or too often eat rich foods at great restaurants. After all, let’s face facts. Living high on the hog is one of the benefits of travel nursing.

I searched the web from some good articles on maintaining travel nurse health. Low and behold, I found a wealth of articles posted by a number of travel nursing agencies in their monthly newsletters.

One of my favorites is an article entitled “Travel Nursing is Heart Healthy.” Albeit brief, the article emphasizes the need for travel nurses to avoid tobacco, become more active and choose good nutrition. It all sounds so simple and easy, but we all know it isn’t, as reports indicate that almost 50 percent of all nurses smoke and most Americans don’t get enough exercise or eat the right foods.

But there are ways to gradually approach better health without making it a New Year’s Resolution or attaching ourselves to failing diets, implies the Traveler Times Newsletter. Getting more cardio in our traveling nurse life by hitting the great outdoors or using the fitness equipment found at many travel nurse apartment complexes is a great start, says the author.

The article also suggests cutting back on before bedtime munching, consuming fewer processed sugars and maintaining some kind of balance with regards to portion size — all good recommendations which don’t sound too difficult or life-altering for travel nurses.

What the article really made me think about, though, as a traveling nurse, is how obesity has created so many healthcare problems in our country. From high cholesterol to high blood sugar, it seems that so much bad health could be prevented if we just watched our diets and managed our weight better. And as nurses, isn’t funny that we don’t do more to keep ourselves fit and healthy as we watch the health of others diminish in the wake of high fat, high calories and heart attacks?

I for one have begun to change my ways, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much better this travel nurse feels. I’m getting more rest than ever, am more mentally alert during my shift and my response to crisis on the hospital floor is two fold.  I’ve begun to utilize my comprehensive medical insurance for checkups and consults and have even begun taking yoga classes and dance lessons. I’m having more fun than ever and I want all my fellow travel nurses to jump on the bandwagon. Let’s start setting a better example for all those patients who need positive role models in health care.


Florida Travel nurse